Monday, August 17


Have you ever played the version of "Duck, Duck, Goose" where three little girls run around you patting your head- all saying "Duck," and you sit there thinking maybe you'll do just that, but you don't because they're all giggling their little heads off?


Cherry Tree said...

I just noticed, call me clueless, but your girls don't look at all alike. Okay, okay, the twins sure look alike ;), but Mia doesn't look like them. Aren't genetics funny? My kids are all clones of each other and me.

Summer said...

Yeah! But Mia is a clone of me and my mom's side, and the twins are clones of Zach's mom.

Yeah- your kids really are little Steph/Duncan/Kate clones. Good thing! :)

The Garber Family said...

I love the adreniline-induced high of waiting, just waiting to be called, "goose!" But it never really happens, does it?