Wednesday, June 17

Obama's FLY SWAT

Next, the color of Obama's boogers. THE exclusive Kleenex close-up tonight at 9...

Nevermind the REAL story about what he did today. Smokescreen news- how annoying.


Bandit said...

the cool thing about the Obama Fly Swat is that Obama doesn't care about it... he isn't as uptight and distracted as either his opponents or his proponents are

RhondaLue said...

He's an idiot. I'm sorry, I try to be kind but I'm so done with him spending more and more money and talks about how HE'S CUTTING the deficit. People that believe that are fools.

All we see is more and more losing jobs, the people aren't getting bailed out but the banks and car manufactures (seriously??!?! WHY?!?!) are and we'll be left to somehow pick up the pieces. I can barely stand to watch the news or hear of ANOTHER thing he's done.

Magirk said...

Hey, I heard those PETA people were REALLY upset with him.

I mean, for all we know, flies could be next on the endagered species list.

Oh. Uh, wait a second.

I'm okay with that.


Tulsi said...

My daughter (Brie) caught a fly when she was about 9 mo old and we lived in OK. It was flying around her head and she just reached out and grabbed it. We jumped to get it out of her hand before she ate it. It didn't make news, but was way cooler than than Obama's. It took him way longer to hone his skills.