Monday, January 26

3 Cheers for 5th Disease

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For once, I have an explanation for my body's creaks and groans of the day. Doesn't it seem like there's always something? If it's not a headache, you stub your toe, or run into the wall with your elbow, or your back aches, or Aunt Flo is overstaying her non-existent welcome. Most of the time you just don't say anything because what's the use. Pop an Ibuprofen or four and go on your pretend-merry way with the nagging voice of Sophia-Golden-Girl in the back of your mind telling you you're just going to get worse, so just be grateful the Ibuprofen is still able to close the gap between functional or non.

Still, you can't help but wonder- is this it? The one that's going to stick? The ache that once you start complaining about, you never stop? The one that can only be diagnosed as old age? (Yes, turning 30 messed with my head.)

This afternoon my finger joints were killing me, and all I could picture was the arthritic fingers of a lady in my old ward. I'm doomed. I was so freaked out by the fact that her fingers could go in a different direction than her hand, now I'm destined to the same fate for the express purpose of teaching me compassion and understanding for all things arthritis. I then promptly forgot all about it when I realized I really had to blow my nose, and started thinking of the cold we are all probably about to get.

Hours later, I was waiting for Mia to get in her pajamas, watching her scratch and thinking that maybe we should have had a bath today. She continued scratching until I realized she couldn't reach the itch in her middle back. "Right there?" "Umm- yeah, but on my arm, too." "Well, you need to take your shirt off anyway, so lets do that first, okay?" Surprise! Rash. Everywhere. Consult the handy-dandy med student in the next room. "She's got Fifth Disease."

Not quite ready to panic yet,"What"

"It's just a virus, also called "Slapped cheek disease," because on the face, the rash usually appears on just the cheeks and gives them the appearance of having been slapped." Zach had noticed her cheeks earlier, but I thought they were red from crying about time-out. So we rubbed her down with hydrocortisone while Zach told me that it is highly contagious, and adults can get it too, although if they don't present with the rash, it usually causes joint pain- mostly in the hands, and a runny nose.

Hey! I'm not as decrepit as I thought. And Mia really did seem whinier than usual. Nothing like a nice diagnosis of Fifth disease to make your day.


Cheryl Lage said...

Holy Cow, Summer! We had this recently too! :)

Wishing you a rapid recovery!

Marsie Pants said...

It's also deadly for unborn fetuses so stay away from pregnant people. That's awful! I hope you guys get better soon!! I'd offer to watch your babies but I don't think you want them running high fevers or puking their guts out like Abby was. I'll send you virtual dinners instead.

RhondaLue said...

Marsie pants is right. My son's school nurse called a few years ago to tell me he has it. I'd never heard of it before. She tells me about it being a virus and not too big of a deal unless you're pregnant and you get it.

HUH? I'm pregnant. Fast forward a couple weeks, I have it, had blood tests to confirm and I'm getting ultrasounded every 7 days to see if my baby was still alive in utero. It was terrifying...for 10 weeks before we knew we were in the clear. And I was lucky, many are not as.

How miserable for all of you. I know how you feel and Id get so flushed after a shower or bath.not fun.

So yah....steer clear of anyone pregnant, they'll thank you later!

Chip Kohrman said...

wow. I have never heard of it either!
At least you got a sweet picture of Mia girl. :)

Summer said...

Yeah- Zach knew that danger off the top of his head, and the first thing we did was call to cancel a dinner we had planned with a family in our ward who is expecting. It freaks me out, cause we were just talking to them on Sunday. On the message I left I warned her about it, but we're not sure if we got it from the ward or what. It's especially freaky, because there are a ton of pregnant people in our ward right now.

The Waits Gate said...

Where in the world did you get it? I've never heard of it either, but I'm sure glad that Mia didn't take me up on her bathroom trip! (Not that I'm expecting) I just already have those over thirty symptoms.

The Garber Family said...

What a cute picture of your little 5th-diseased girl! Isn't it a relief when you realize that there IS reason for why you've and your kids been feeling a little off. PMS still always takes me by surprise. When will I get it? Fatigue, irritableness, bloating, HELLO, don't get crazy, just realize what's really going on!
And what a RELIEF to have a Dr. in the house! Is he able to check for ear infections, too? That is my biggest dream come true for child health, an in home ear-checker-outer so I don't have to guess about going to the Dr. That an an in-home strep test. 90% of the time I take the kids in just to make sure it's not strep and find out I wasted an hour and a copay for a "viral infection."

The Garber Family said...

I shouldn't have said that going to the Dr. is "wasted" time. Children's health is never "wasted" time.
You know, though, the ever present "I wonder if I should take her/him in for this?"

Breezi said...

Ohh... oops, I was signed in as Chip last night.
don't worry, CHip's not a crazy stalker... I am! haha

Breezi said...

ohh.. who are the ton of prego people in our ward??
I can only think of one person who is prego. humm.... now you've got me thinking.

Megs said...

Ugh...Hope the babies don't get it!!! What do you have to do to make it go away??

Summer said...

You can't do anything to make a virus go away. ;b

Pregnant people in the ward... O'Day, McClelland, someone in the Primary, Keck, anyone else?

I didn't think Chip was a stalker- I figured either he knew Mia a lot better than I thought, or it was you, Breezi- haha.

Britney said...

3 Cheers for a med student in the other room to diagnose mysterious rashes within minutes!

Mia looks like a 5th Disease model. :)

Melissa said...

Here's to a speedy recovery.

Marsie Pants said...

Jane Howell and Pam Waits are also pregnant. They both fit in the "someone in primary" category.

NatRat said...

So nice that you have the med student to diagonse instead of having to run the child to the MD. So yeah, not what Peiton's has, the antibiotic helped a little bit but the rash still lingers. I think it is just something with the cold and dry weather we are having. I hope she gets rid of it quickly and that no body else gets it since it is contagious. Good luck!

Summer said...

Oh yeah and Kelly Brown. So yeah- I'd say a ton!