Saturday, December 13

Oh, crap.

There's a distinct kind of discomfort seeing how well you haven't been cleaning the kitchen when the sun comes out for the first time in two weeks.


RhondaLue said...

No sun? what in the world? I can't imagine! we're still doing shorts and tees here..and using the a/c in the car in the afternoons (but you'll be glad to know that in the morning my shivering kids want the heater on when it's 52 degrees---wimps!)

You should totally come visit sunny Arizona(least my part is sunny!)

The Waits Gate said...

Don't worry sun won't come out again for a while! Crappy Ohio winters...btw i'm not your vt anymore. :( Please do call if you need anything though. My list constantly changes.

The Garber Family said...

Oh yes. I know the feeling.

I have also not been on the internet getting ready for Christmas. And it seems you have a 15-day December when you are getting ready to travel for the holidays. Busy! Busy!