Thursday, May 22

Post for DK

Zach was actually surprised at his surprise birthday party yesterday. Afterward he said he couldn't believe how many clues he didn't put together. Last week the missionaries, after having mis-read the invitation, came to the door and apoligized for not coming Wednesday because they had been sick. Zach was behind me, so I gave them a "Ahhh!" look, and we made up a quick story about how we had planned to visit with a neighbor on Wednesday, and they stood me up. This week I cleaned the downstairs top to bottom, even waxed the floor; dyed my hair; went to the grocery store two days in a row. I asked him if he wanted a haircut and just before the party mentioned he hadn't shaved yet, and that everyone deserves a shower on their birthday. I asked my visiting teacher to come over for a decoy visit to help me with the kids while I decorated the backyard. Zach was upstairs studying waiting for his decoy birthday dinner to be ready. He figured I was lying when I said he couldn't come downstairs (five minutes before people were supposed to be there) because Mia was making him a birthday card that he couldn't see yet. Yes, that was the best I could do on such short creative lying notice. But he said he didn't think there was an actual party until he opened the back door and saw people. Anyway. We had a good time. I bought twice as many hotdogs as we needed, but, other than that, it was great.


Cherry Tree said...

Thanks for the post. :) Sounds like fun. Glad it went well. Happy Birthday Zach!!

Marsie Pants said...

It was great! Well done!