Friday, July 13

Coincidence or "the curse?"

Zach and I took Mia to the zoo. If you haven't ever taken a neglected 22-month-old to the zoo on Friday the 13th, you have been deprived of the experience of a lifetime. We dropped the babies off at the Van Wagoners. Mia didn’t want to leave, so she cried. She whined all the way to the zoo, cause the sun was in her eyes and we didn’t have anything to put in the window. She started crying when Zach dropped us off at the entrance. The first animal we saw was a giraffe. Mia wanted to ride it. And when she realized she couldn’t, she started crying. Then, we left to go see something else, and she started crying. We got to the water fountain shaped like a lion. She loved it! And then another girl came to fill her canteen- guess who started crying.

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