Friday, May 24

Taking shape

My functioning kitchen lasted from April 8th to May 8th.  Zach set up our utility sink, ovens, dishwasher, and microwave, and with my Instapot I was able to keep things pretty normal!

These got installed the 8th, and the templater came to measure for cabinets the next day.  Floform Countertops sat on their hands for a week, and then finally scheduled our installation for the 28th.  Kind of ironic that we've found help on KSL for free, even been paid by helpers, and all have been relatively professional.  The most costly service is these countertops, and the people at the Floform office were absolutely wishy-washy!

Zach wasted no time getting the rest of the flooring in.  I only helped for twenty minutes and then took the kids to Promontory point.

Meanwhile our awesome neighbors are getting their house ready to rent, and are letting us use the kitchen!  When it isn't raining ( we take our dishes over there, and sometimes use the oven.  It's so close, and there was already a path between the houses.

I love it that we don't have to use paper plates or plastic utensils!  The trip is so weird that the kids like to help, lol.  "Who wants to take the dishes to the dishwasher???"  Kael is usually the one who volunteers.

While we wait for cabinets, Zach has figured out how to build a shower for our master bathroom!

He's using Schluter Kerdi boards, which are some new waterproof material that's really strong, and easy to work with.  He loves the stuff.  I'm really impressed!

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